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Our Philosophy

We believe that every investment decision should be made based upon how well it will serve to generate increasing retirement income. We do not need a big pile of money to live a wealthy retirement. We need a steady source of income that will last as long as we do. For money that is not used to generate this income, we follow an active approach to portfolio management designed to protect principal first and create growth second.

Who we proudly serve

We have never set a bar to measure wealth in deciding who we will serve. If you need financial advice, we will gladly meet with you to do all possible to determine the best path forward for you. Whether you are younger or older in your time of life, our mission remains the same. We will always strive to provide solutions which serve your best interests. You know your needs better than anyone. We develop a logical, orchestrated plan which meets those needs.

Can We Serve You?


At Guardian Financial Wealth Management, we believe that life is more than a paycheck. Our mission is to ease your worries and help you create a sound financial strategy that provides not only a steady paycheck for life, but a playcheck as well.

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Business Owners

Brian's incensement philosophy is to focus on the preservation of wealth during both the accumulation and distribution stages of retirement planning. Brian provides each client with a clear road map as to how to achieve his or her individual financial goals.

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Home Owners

Through Portfolio Medics, Brian helps his clients create investment strategies that are designed to manage their risks by taking advantage of known market trends and leverage effective money managers who have a strategy for success.

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Institutional Clients

Brian teaches regular classes for local seniors. These classes are designed to help seniors understand and take control of their financial future. It is Brian's belief that confidence and peace of mind can only be achieved when you know, without a shred of a doubt, that you've made the best decision for yourself and your

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