Why Due Diligence is Important – Now more than ever, consumers must evaluate the background, credentials, and qualifications of individuals or companies…before doing business.

At the National Ethics Association (NEA), you can find guidance and information on how to select a qualified and trustworthy business or professional. Click here for the NEA’s due diligence guide on how to select a financial professional.

Why Choose a National Ethics Association Member?

By joining the National Ethics Association (NEA), advisors place themselves in a position of scrutiny. They encourage due diligence, rather than hide from it. They want you, the consumer, to have peace of mind when choosing them for your business needs. To know if an advisor is a National Ethics Association Member look for the NEA seal on their website.

About The NEA

Since 2001, the National Ethics Association (NEA) has helped business professionals build their companies on a foundation of trust, ethics, and best practices.

NEA is committed to helping businesses serve their customers with knowledge and integrity by providing educational resources and content encouraging and promoting ethics in business and beyond.

NEA is also devoted to aiding consumers with the increasingly complex task of conducting due diligence on business professionals. This results in greater peace of mind for skeptical consumers and also rewards those worthy of their trust.

To learn more about how to do your due diligence on a financial professional click here for the NEA’s due diligence guide.

To learn more about Guardian Financials process click here.

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